We are specialized in drones services since the beginning of our activities. With a team of professionals pilots and camera operators we are able to offer you any kind of aerial shots.

Asking for services

For any demand please contact us as soon as possible, from the moment you think you need drone footage. When contacting us for drone services, you can save time by including the informations you already know about your project: place or address or coordinates of the film set, kind of scene (indoor/outdoor).
If you can describe what you need to shoot it is the must!


Drones: Inspire 1 Raw, Phantom3Pro, Mavic Air
We can provide stills and video files in JPEG and RAW (depend of the drone)
With Inspire1 the possible focal lens in (35mm eq) are: 30, 50, 90mm, 28-84mm (stills only).

Price list

Dual operators (Inspire 1): starting at 1500€htva/day
One operator (Phantom/Mavic): starting at 800€htva/day
Cost of dispensation: 200€ + creation of the file and location recce
Reservation of aerial space: 350€ + creation of the file location recce


Belgium: In agreement with the current regulation of drone use we can perform all class of drone use (Class 2, Class 1b, Class 1a). Dispensation can be asked to the DGTA for particular high risk missions.
In case we need a dispensation form civil/military aviation, we need to send a complete file to the authorities minimum 15 days before the mission. This file must contain a full precise description of the mission, and a location recce will be necessary.

Others countries: We can provide drones services all around the world as long as the local regulation allows it. We can do the necessary steps on your demand to plan it ahead with local authorities.